My name is George Campbell. I was born in 1932 and was raised in the small town of Port Norris on the Delaware Bay in South Jersey. In these pages are some of my history and my memories of that time and era from the perspective of seventy-eight years of experi­ence and wisdom.


When I was in third grade, my teacher told my mother to take me to an ear doctor since she thought I was having prob­lems at school. I was struggling with schoolwork and was hav­ing difficulty keeping up. Mother followed her advice, but the doctor found nothing wrong. I realized many years later that my problem wasn’t my ears; it was my brain. I have dyslexia.





o   Prologue

o   Memories

o   Salt Hay

o   Farm Workers

o   Cranes

o   Baseball

o   Hunting

o   Crabbing

o   Mobile Home Park     Campgrounds

o   Hercules of New Jersey

o   Politics

o   Nine and Fifty Homes

o   Putting Course

o   Golfing

o   Boating and Fishing

o   Ceramics

o   Heart Attack


You will read of my childhood and adult years and how very active I was during those years. Now here I am writing a book, even though I have a handicap.  A neighbor of mine read one of my chapters while it was in the rough stage. He had also written his memoirs so had an idea of my goal. He was very complimentary but hoped I knew there were grammar and spelling errors.

So my advice to young people is this: don’t be afraid of fail­ure, for we all fail or will at times. Find your strong points and use them. I didn’t always have faith in my own abilities and intelligence, so I depended on the Lord a lot to guide me. If things didn’t work out, I just took for granted that the Lord didn’t want them too, and I moved on. My strengths were that I was a good manager, I got things done, and I could sell. I loved to do different things and take on new challenges. I wasn’t concerned with making a lot of money; I was concerned with proving that I could do something. I proved to myself that I could do so much more than I ever thought I could. My hope for you is that you can enjoy life’s challenges as much I have.